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​Prepare you house for sale.
Manage Your Move Services Services
Get ready for the move.
Moving day
Our goal is to have your house appeal to the broadest spectrum of buyers. This may include narrowing down the number of items in the house.  Perhaps resetting the house to show well for sale.  We can go through attic, garage and closets to pack, sell, donate, store and discard/haul away unwanted items.  Others items, we will arrange to their best advantage.
At Manage Your Move Services, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  We plan, coordinate and supervise all aspects of a move with a completely hands-on service.
This is when we plan, organize and coordinate all facets of the move.  If we have not done so before, this will go through all items with the homeowner to pack, sell, donate, store and discard/haul away items from the home.  This will include, planning for downsizing, references for a mover or storage, help with transfer of utilities.  Each move is different and has its own character.  We can help with all aspect of your move. We will be with your every step of the way.
A move manager will arrive early and be ready when the movers arrive as an advocate for you.   We pack items of necessity separately to not be confused with all other boxes.  These will be items wanted almost immediately at the next house.  Examples would be medications, water, paper towels, toilet paper, also, sheets to make the beds so your are not digging through boxes and have a place to rest at the end of the first day of the move.  Perhaps cherished items as well. The manager works closely with the moving company to coordinate your move.
​Once at the new house, boxes will be unpacked.  Beds will be made and the clothes  hung and organizedin the closet.  The kitchen will be completely reset.  Furniture will be in place and pictures on the wall.  Imagine coming home to your new house with everything put away and the boxes and mess taken away. 

Congratulations!!  It was our pleasure.

Our services come in many forms. Moving to a new house may mean moving to a larger house or downsizing to a smaller house.  The new house may be in the same neighborhood or across the country.  You may have a family member that has passed away and the house need to be ready to sell.  What ever your situation, we have kind and understanding staff to help.

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